How do I use the NAVICA Verifier app?

Make informed decisions for your organization by verifying the authenticity and validity of a NAVICA™ Pass using the NAVICA Verifier App.

1. Sign in to the NAVICA™ Verifier App.
2. Select the Scan a NAVICA Pass button, and if not previously set up, allow the NAVICA Verifier 3. App to access the device’s camera.
4. Scan a NAVICA Pass using your device’s camera.
5. Review the results of the authenticated NAVICA Pass. When you are done, select the OK button.

Results will be one of the following:
1. Valid pass means that the pass is authentic. The Verifier should still check that the ID of the pass holder matches the pass.
2. Sorry, pass is expired means that a pass is authentic but is more than 7 days old (no longer valid), or does not meet your organization’s requirements for entry (validity window).
3. Pass not found means that either the user invalidated their pass by changing their name or the pass is not authentic.

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